Ext. fancy restaurant, night

CU on two champagne glasses toasting

Cut to wide shot of Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula at dinner

Waiter approaches, stepping on Drac’s cape, annoying him

Cut to CU 2 shot of Drac and Waiter; waiter motions that he may want to make a discreet exit due to a visitor

Dracula looks over, curious

Cut to POV wide shot showing other patrons, maitre’d, and Frankenstein trying to gain entry

Frankenstein barrels thru past the maitre’d

Cut back to CU of Dracula, terrified

Cut back to 2 shot; DRACULA: Might I trouble you for the check –
Waiter’s eyes indicate trouble approaching

Roar OS

Pan over to show Frankenstein has found the couple. The bride has all but given up

Drac flies off screen, cape flapping

Cut to wide shot of Dracula running away

Tight on Dracula as he runs…

…then suddenly stops as his cape is yanked tight from OS

Cut to 2 shot of Frank and Drac

Drac POOFS! Frank is confused

Dracula flies off in bat form

Cut back to an annoyed Bride as Frank chases Bat-Drac thru the window

…A hand comes from under the table holding a rose…

…Wolfman reveals himself, climbing out from under the table;
WOLFMAN: Is, uh… is the coast clear?